We use “imaging” to take pictures of the inside of the body. This can be used for a variety of issues, from routine pregnancy ultrasounds, to looking for “foreign bodies” (when your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t!), to looking for different causes of illness. We have two main forms of imaging at Werrington Vets – x-ray and ultrasound.


At Werrington Vets we have a direct radiography system. This is the latest and best way to take x-rays available to date. It has many advantages over the older systems as it allows us to develop pictures almost instantly, to take as many pictures as we need to get the perfect image and to easily email pictures to specialists if required.

Dental X-Ray

We also have a new digital x-ray system, which we use to identify disease hidden below the gumline – just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt! We take full mouth x-rays from every patient that undergoes a dental. This way we make sure we have not missed anything. This means that if your pet has a root problem, we will be able to diagnose it and treat it. We are very passionate of dental health.

The dental x-ray always involves full general anaesthesia of the patient. Just like humans, we need to place a little probe in your pet’s mouth in order to take the x-ray image. Meaning that if your pet is awake, he/she will probably chew it and destroy it as it is very sensitive.


We also have a modern ultrasound machine. This gets used very regularly for pregnancy diagnosis, but we also use it with unwell animals, scanning hearts, abdomens and even eyes! Most of the time, we can perform a scan without any form of sedation. However, we may ask to sedate your pet if they are getting very stressed and worried.


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