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Here at Werrington Vets we are able to offer cutting edge dental surgery. Ideally, prevention is better than cure, but sometimes it can become necessary to repair or extract teeth. All our vets are qualified to treat and extract teeth.

Werrington Vets is one of the few practices in this country recommending full mouth x-rays for all dental patients. Only by looking below the gumline can we identify all signs of disease. We provide a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT) for dogs and cats when their teeth are cleaned. This involves a full dental chart and visual inspection, plus periodontal probing and full mouth x-rays. It makes no sense to place an animal under anaesthesia to clean their teeth, and miss an important problem. If you don’t look (i.e. take x-rays), you may miss problems.

When a pet has a problem with their leg, we do not perform an “orthopaedic”. We ask questions, examine the leg, take x-rays, maybe even CT scans, then we plan any surgery they need. There are many different surgeries to fix many different problems. It should be the same with teeth! We do not do a “dental”. We take a history, examine the mouth, take x-rays, and then plan what surgery is needed. This is what we mean by a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT).

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